Three Simple Ways Copywriters Can Make Money

Copywriting is a skill that is in demand now more than ever. Organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and pretty much anyone out to sell a product, service, or idea; understand the value in using copywriting as the driving force behind making a sale or closing the deal. This skill is a top 10 skill to have for anyone looking to supplement their income or absorb fully into a freelance career. Businesses and the likes are willing to spend money as needed to source great copywriting that will promote their products and services. It is 100% possible to earn a steady supplemental income from copywriting, and if you are up for it, you can do it full-time as there vast opportunities available to make money from it.

The following are three simple ways you can make money as a copywriter.

1. Register as a Copywriter with a Writing Agency

Joining a writing agency is one of the simplest ways to get your foot in the door of copywriting and make some money. A writing agency acts as a middle man between you and many merchants who are willing to pay you to write copy for them. As a new writer, you may not be able to earn a four-digit figure for your article, but, with experience and ongoing effort, you can move up the ladder with your fee rates. Joining a writing agency can have additional benefits as some writing agencies offer free training to their registered writers. While you are waiting for more writing opportunities, you can take advantage of free training available and continue to practice writing and hone your copywriting skills.

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2. Join a Freelance Website as a Copywriter

A freelance website is similar to a writing agency in that it acts as the middle man between you and the merchants, but you should be aware that there are some differences. Unlike a writing agency that will allow you to accept or refuse a copywriting offer, most times, you have to bid for a writing job with a freelance website. It is easy to join a freelance, but you may find that sometimes you have to cash out some money before you can make money. Besides, having to bid for copywriting jobs, you sometimes have to pay for the number of bids you can make for jobs. This mechanism is more suitable for more experienced copywriters who know a thing or two about bargaining and have some money to pay up upfront.

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3. Join an Affiliate Program to Earn Money from Copywriting

Joining an affiliate program is another easy way to make money as a copywriter. You must, however, have some form of established traffic source, this can be a website/blog or a social media avenue such as Facebook or Instagram. The perk with making money copywriting with affiliate programs is that there are so many, and you can choose the programs you want to join. There's no waiting around for an agent to hook you up with a job or bidding on a job; you apply to any affiliate program you are interested in and start promoting their products. You have the power in your hands as you chose those programs that you are most interested in, which means you can write better high income earning copy that converts even as you sleep.

Copywriters have the power to earn a steady 7 figure income from their writing. Once you get it right, the basics of copywriting, and you apply a money-making formula, you have the power to retire at 30, 40, or just about any age, you wish from a regular 9-5. Beware though, to be successful as a copywriter, you need to write consistently, this way you improve your writing, and you have access to more opportunities as you develop credibility as a copywriter with an established portfolio of consistent work.

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