Writers.Academy Review: How Does it Work?

I first learned about writers.academy from an advertisement on Facebook. It was just another lunchtime hour, where I decided to browse through my timeline. I'd been on the lookout for writing opportunities for some time, so it immediately caught my attention. The ad stated that it was recruiting writers for the website, nupathe.com. It looked very legitimate, so I did sign up. The sign-up process was quite simple and took a few minutes. I signed up using my Facebook profile information, which I thought was quite convenient at the time.

After signing up, I read all the requirements of the program and realized that I had to submit a website for review. This website was required so that any content I contributed to nupathe.com could link to my website. I was quite happy about this as I already had a blog up and running. Unfortunately, my blog did not pass approval as writers.academy specifically required a WordPress website. I was disappointed as it meant I couldn't move forward with the process as I didn't meet the requirements. Conveniently, writers.academy provided the steps to set up a brand new blog that would be hosted by Godaddy.com. I followed the instructions and in minutes had a new domain and hosting provided by Godaddy. I had to pay for this, but I wasn't too upset because the cost wasn't outrageous. I wanted the opportunity to write, so I thought it was a worthy investment. Additionally, it meant that I had another forum to write on and eventually earn an income.


My new domain and website were approved, and immediately, I had access to my first writing job. I had to write on a geneneral topic with a required word count of 1000 words. Upon completing the article, I submitted it, and the review process took about two days. I was pleased that my article was accepted without having to make revisions as I read about instances where other writers had to make multiple changes to articles before approval.

As outlined during the process, I received payment the immediate Friday after approval. The amount came through Paypal, and I woke up sometime during the night to an email alert that the payment was complete. I would recommend writers.academy to any experienced or new writer. They provide you with an opportunity, not an overnight success. The training that you have access to once accepted is invaluable and can assist you in developing your writing portfolio on your private forums and writers — academy forums.

You can sign up to become a writer with writers.academy here.


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